Ugh, whoops!

Due to some phone problems, I couldn’t update this site for a long time (I couldn’t get the authentication to work, and thus couldn’t update anything) .

Plus, the content generation site I was working on went down in flames (which is the third time this has happened). I’d say I’m unlucky, but most gaming/tech blogs explode into flame unless they have real interest and real money behind them, and content aggregation blogs are on the way out anyway.

So, anyway, for all my loyal 1’s of readers, I’m back!

Some thoughts.
PC Gaming; All I’ve been playing is Witcher 3 and League recently, with a side order of Big Pharma when I’m in a very odd mood. League is League, and I’m already bored of Big Pharma, which just leaves Witcher 3. Anything I could possibly say about the game has already been said by other people, but I’ll just go ahead and repeat: this is an awesome game and you should buy it.

But what’s more interesting than the actual game itself is the company’s success. CD Project Red has an absolutely amazing, groundbreaking and unheard of practice in a gaming company. This strategy can be summed up in three parts.
1) They learn what mistakes they made in previous games
I’ve played all the Witcher games. One was a buggy, ugly mess at times. It was an absolute pain to navigate, and I gave up shortly after I got to the big city. The UI was incredibly clumsy. Two made combat more dynamic, introduced people gradually to the gaming elements, but suffered from a rather ugly inverse difficulty curve and forced players to travel for ungodly distances. Still, I had a hell of a lot of fun playing it, and finished it twice. As for Witcher 3? I’m still playing through my first play through, and I’m already well over 30 hours. Virtually all the flaws of the second game has been addressed. The game isn’t perfect (what is), but it’s a huge step up from the previous editions of the game.

2) They try to address them
Another thing, anything that could reasonably fixed in a patch? They’ve done it. The tweaks to inventory, weight control and combat are huge quality of life improvements in the game. And I didn’t have to go to Steam Workshop to get them: they were autopatched in, very quickly. This is a very nice addition.

3) They support their game rather than milk it.
Tons of DLC, all of it free. Plus the aforementioned patches.

It’s incredibly sad that this approach is novel, instead of the industry standard, but there you go. While Rocksteady (though it’s really WB calling the shots) puts out a PC game that’s utterly unplayable on Steam that has bunch of pointless DLC, Witcher quietly releases a game that’s beautiful and fun.

In my opinion, this game is probably going to win Game of the Year for a lot of gaming fans. At the very least, it’ll be on a lot of short lists for the best game of 2015. I’m REALLY looking forward to CD Project Red’s new Cyberpunk game.


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