Notes on League of Legends Quarter Finals, Day 2 (Cloud 9 vs Samsung Blue)

Note: Real life intruded pretty heavily on my viewing of this, sorry.

Pregame: The teams feel much more easily matched here, in that both of them have actually lost games in the group rounds.

Game 1: Sadly I missed this due to some scheduling conflicts. C9 wins, somehow. Will watch later.

Game 2
Early – Missed this part as well.
Mid – Missed this.
Late-  Some smart plays from C9, but SSB are locked tight in those team fights, and they close out with a commanding lead. As usual, the NA team plays brilliantly from behind. SSB did a great job combining Twisted Fate and Teleports to just bamboozle C9 this round.

Game 3
Early- Some crazy risky plays lead to Samsung getting 2 kills at top and then C9 getting one at the bot. Graves is an interesting choice. Not sure I agree with him as a pick – lots of wide damage on him, and SSB’s team is pretty tough (Maokai, Lee Sin, Braum, and Jayce) and I doubt area damage will matter much. 10 minutes in, SSB’s gold lead is something like 200.
Mid – Stuff happens, and I am suddenly busy, but C9 gets gradually pushed out as SSB builds momentum. C9 gets picks, but just about EVERY team fight goes horribly horribly wrong for C9.
Late Game – C9 goes “squit” like a pimple.

Game 4
Again, real life intrudes, and I was suddenly busy during this match.

The very short version of the game is this: SSB develop a gradual lead. Highlights: C9 wins an utterly AMAZING fight at dragon, with Corki as the only survivor and picking up the dragon in the process. This lets C9 recover enough to be a threat to SSB, but SSB gradually gains ground, getting a substantial advantage on turrets and kills. They pop the first inhibitor, but a baron play goes horribly wrong, and C9 goes after SSB’s mid. C9 takes the mid inhibitor and two of the nexus turrets in a kamikaze run similar to that crazy 70+ minute game back in the group stage. They don’t get it quite as low as that crazy agme, but its a near thing before they all get taken down. SSW’s entire team goes up, and they drop on what’s left of C9’s base before the respawn.

So final, is 3-1, with the last game being a very near thing. I would have liked it to have gone to 5… and lets face it, I wanted to see NA get a bit further this year. Now its going to be a Samsung Semi Final, which will be an interesting game to watch. I think I’ll be cheering for SSW next time around: they really seem to have been the strongest team this year, and I hope they continue that performance in the semi finals.


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