Notes on League of Legends World Championships: Quarter Finals, Day 1

Pre Show: Who the hell cares.

Opening: I’m screaming in Korean. I’m screaming in Korean. I’m screaming in Korean. I’m screaming…. IN KOREAN.

Samsung White vs TSM
They’ve won every game. They’ve only lost 5 towers in all of them. WHAT?!!? That’s insane! How do you do that? TSM will be lucky to win a game, let alone a best of three. They’ve been playing ok, but they haven’t been roflstomping everyone like SSW has. If TSM wins a game, they should be happy. SSW is the better team.

Game 1
Early: DO SOMETHING! You’ll get crushed if you just sit there against Ryze and Jayce Farming.
Mid: Everything falls apart for TSM.
Late Game: There is no late game.
Other note: I think TSM’s AD carry choice was poor here with those shields. I was thinking they would go for a siege comp with say, Kogma.

Game 2
Early: Ok. Do something other then going 0/2. You might as well go to bed.
Mid: TSM dies the death. By the end I am quoting Orwell about a boot stomping endlessly on a human face.

Game 3
Early: WHAT? WHAT? Somehow TSM goes 2/0 right off the bat and get the first two dragons. TSM manages to pull this one off convincingly around the 30 minute mark.

Game 4
Early: Its not quite as bad as game 1 and 2, but TSM gets fairly convincingly owned here.
Mid: And here too.
Late: Amusingly, TSM manages to completely outmaneuver SSW by responding to a Baron with a push in mid, taking SSW’s inhibitor. This fantastic move forces SSW to defend the nexus and throws SSW on the defensive. The next time they get sneaky though, it goes horribly, horribly wrong and SSW does what they do best: turn a disadvantageous looking team fight into a one sided ass kicking. Pentakill on Imp here turns the game around.

What we have learned.

Team Solo Mid loses when playing the enemies game. But they demonstrated that yes, it is possible to beat them. Also, that TSM did a wonderful job of using Fabian tactics to play from behind with that little maneuver. Sadly, this lesson was not good enough to get them into a semi final spot, but I think they did fantastic here.

I honestly don’t think Samsung White has any particular weaknesses as a team. Beating them seems more on the line of not playing into their greatest strength, which is team fighting. SSW move like a well disciplined machine in a team fight, instantly making the correct decision and counter engaging out of horrible situations. That’s not to say their other aspects are weak: its more the idea that if you try and straight up team fight SSW without an overwhelming advantage, you will almost certainly lose. And even if you have it, you still might lose anyway: Samsung White is just that good.

I think anyone who plays them is going to have to try out lane them, establish ward control, and then out maneuver them in the jungle, cause grouping early and getting into an early war over dragon strikes me as suicidal once everyone has their base skills and ulti’s.

Of course, I’m Silver 1, so what the hell do I know?

Game 2


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